Too many times, we when think of the police, we're looking for ways to avoid them.  For instance, we certainly don't want to see them if we're going too fast on the Parkway or Turnpike.

However, on February 6th, there is at least one woman, who is glad the police were around.  On that day, quick thinking and action saved a woman's life at Linden Station.

Woman Unconscious at Linden Station

Officer Nikolas DePasquale and Officer Kevin O’Brien were on patrol when they disembarked from a New Jersey Transit train at Linden Station.  They were stopped by a commuter who reported seeing a woman unconscious in the station.

When they arrived on the scene, they found the woman facedown.  She wasn't breathing and she had no pulse.

Hero Cops Jump Into Action

According to reports,

They requested EMS and lifted the woman onto a flat landing. There they administered CPR. Together, both officers alternated through numerous rounds of compressions. After their continued efforts, the woman showed signs of abnormal breathing and a faint pulse. As the pulse and breathing was inconsistent, they continued alternating compressions until EMS arrived. EMS attached an AED which administered a shock. The woman was then breathing normally. She was transported to further medical attention.⁣

Police have not revealed the identity of the woman.

There's a saying, you are always where you are meant to be. In this case, there's someone who is very glad these officers showed up when they did.

Hero cops.  Good people, doing great things.

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