Can you imagine a movie shoot taking place in your home? Producers with an independent movie company are looking for two homes in the city of Vineland for movies they are presently working on. Here are more details.

Producers Are Seeking Homes for Movie Productions in Vineland, NJ

Producers from Barbhouse Productions are looking for locations in Vineland to be part of two upcoming movie productions the company is working on. The filming would last three to five weeks for each movie, and a location fee would be paid. Crews working on the productions are fully insured.

What Are the Movies?

The first film, Penitent, is about a woman experiencing a demonic presence in her home, who hires a paranormal investigator to help her figure out what is happening.

The second film, titled Nanny Cam, is about a married, first-time mother who is dealing with the standard fears and anxieties that come with motherhood, and, some that don’t, including a demon using thecouples nanny cams to cast terrifying images.

What Are the Producers Looking For in Their Locations?

For the movie Penitent, producers are seeking a modestly priced farmhouse-style home (rustic, creaky floors and lived-in is ok). The most important element is it needs to have a staircase leading up to the second floor, ideally at the entrance of the house.

For the production of Nanny Cam, producers are looking for a house in the suburbs with vinyl siding and/or a white picket fence.

Why Are Movie Producers Interested in Vineland?

Vineland Mayor Anthony Finucci has been an advocate for attracting the movie business to his city. When Greg D’Alessandro, a writer and producer, was looking for a spot for his production studio, Finucci offered him a low-cost, extended lease on a large, long-empty building.

The city invested in the film, and the company opened its doors in September 2022.

WWN Studios began a production arrangement with the city of Vineland, and the town is the backdrop for The Zombie Wedding, a spoof on the zombie film genre.
D’Alessandro told that they plan to rent the studio to other production companies. “We want people to use the building and help Vineland,” he says, noting his crew spent more than $800,000 in town on hotels, restaurants, and bars during a recent filming.

How Do I Contact the Movie Producers?

For more information, contact Sophia Wolf at

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