Police in Linwood are sounding the alarm about home break-ins through attached garages in South Jersey.

What Happened In Linwood?

Over the weekend, thieves apparently used a garage door opener taken out of a vehicle parked in the driveway to access the home, then stole the family dog and two vehicles. The vehicles have been found, and the family's French Bulldog puppy was returned on Tuesday. No suspects have been identified.

1- Making Your Garage More Secure

Thieves know people keep garage door remotes in cars, so this is bound to be one of the first places they’ll check if they are looking for a push-button break-in method. It’s safest not to leave the garage remote in your car at all, especially while your car is sitting in your driveway.

2- Upgrade Your Garage Security

Upgrade to a universal remote that you can keep on your keychain so you don’t have to carry a bulky device around with you, or switch to a garage door opener that is equipped with smart technology.

Police stress that you lock not only your vehicles but you should also lock the exterior doors to your home. All interior doors between your garage and home should be locked.

3- Thieves Can Open Your Garage Door in Seconds Even Without a Remote

A burglar can open a garage door from the outside in a matter of seconds with nothing more than a wire coat hanger. All they have to do is use a tool to pry open the top edge of the door, drive the hanger through the opening, grab the cord with the hook, and pull.

Eliminate this risk with a device that blocks them from reaching the cord altogether. These metal plates, which are shaped like a shield, essentially hang in front of the cord and block it from being reached.

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