It's unfortunate that this is happening around the holidays, but as they say, "such is life." If you're a current resident of Egg Harbor Township, you should be making sure all your doors are locked at all times.

It's sad to even have to say it, but the Egg Harbor Township Police Department is urging all residents to check and double check to make sure their doors are locked due to an uptick of burglaries within the township lately.

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Sure, it's not necessarily surprising to hear about that this time of year, but Egg Harbor Township has always been known as a safe and family-friendly place to live. Crime is usually never something EHT residents have to worry too much about. That was true up until now.

The Egg Harbor Township Police Department shared a post to their Facebook page informing residents about the alarming increase in burglaries within the area lately. The good news is, if you can refer to it as "good news," the burglaries that have been reported are in reference to vehicles. It's not uncommon for residents in the township to leave their front doors unlocked while they're home, so you can bet that some of their cars aren't always locked all the time.

Unlike some of the surrounding towns, it seems that Egg Harbor Township residents should also be on high alert now. Even if your car is parked in your driveway, make sure it's locked.

It sounds cliche, but it happens to be true: it's always better to be safe than sorry, wouldn't you say?

You can check out the police department's warning below.

Source: Facebook

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