Police say a man recorded videos under the bathroom stall of customers in a South Jersey Burlington store bathroom. The investigators think there could have been as many as 20 victims of the crime at the store and possibly other stores.

What Police Say Happened

Evesham Township Police Chief Walt Miller says a man came out of the bathroom at the Burlington store Sunday on Rt 73 and told store employees that 'somebody in a neighboring stall was recording him'. He noticed that a cell phone was being held under the stall.

Who is the Suspect?

19-year-old David Reyes was arrested at the Burlington store on Sunday. Police recovered his cell phone and based on their investigation, they think there could be as many as 20 victims. Chief Miller told Fox 29 News, "We are doing a search warrant now, so that's why I want to get the information out into the public".

What Charges Have Been Filed in This Case?

David Reyes has been charged with invasion of privacy. The investigation is ongoing.

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