Gloucester Township Police are searching for a person they refer to as an endangered man who has been missing since Thursday, Sept. 29. Police have reason to believe the man may be in Atlantic City.

Duane Myers lives in the Clementon section of Gloucester Township, but police believe he may be in Atlantic City. Myers, 63, is described as being 5"4' tall and 200 pounds.

He has brown eyes, long brown hair on the back and side, and is bald on top. Myers was last seen wearing a black Adidas jacket, blue scarf, and an Eagles hat.

Myers has tattoos of an eagle on his back, a tiger on his left arm, and a tattoo covered in black ink on his right forearm.

His family reported him missing on Sunday, Oct 2, but haven't spoken with him since Thursday, Sept 29.

If you have any information about Duane Myers, call 9-1-1, the Gloucester Township Police Department at 856-228-4500, or call the GTPD Anonymous Crime Tip Line: at 856-842-5560.

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