A cyclist who was hit by a car that left the scene of the accident Saturday afternoon in Ventnor was hospitalized with injuries. Ventnor police are trying to identify the person who was driving the car involved.

Police say the hit-and-run crash happened at about 4:33 pm on Saturday, Sept 9 at  Burghley and Marshall Avenues. After hitting the bicyclist, the driver fled south down the 700 block of Burghley Avenue.

The vehicle involved appears to be a black Audi, perhaps an RSL sportsback.

The police say it's possible that the person driving the car could have been attending the Seafood Festival at Ski Beach, just a few blocks away.

If you have any information about this car or the accident in question, contact Ventnor City Police Sgt. James Franco at 609-822-2101.

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