This is just a damn shame.

The Pleasantville Fire Company's historic fire bell has been recovered, but it has been heavily damaged since it was stolen.

The bell, dating back to 1903, who stolen from outside the Pleasantville Fire Department last week.

It is the department's original bell, cast by the Buckeye Bell Foundry. The bell was used to warn local residents of a fire in the days before electronic alarms.

The bell was returned by an unidentified person on Monday but it was damaged with cracks and held together with duct tape.

Police say 61-year-old John Jordan and 44-year-old Joseph Redd are charged with theft, receiving stolen property, and criminal mischief.

"I would say the bell is irreplaceable. It's one of a kind. It's tied to our fire department," said Battalion Chief Eric Moran told 6ABC last week after the theft. "It was used to alert firefighters and local residents that a fire was happening or to come to the firehouse."

The Pleasantville Fire Company is looking into having the bell repaired.

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