The company's name may be "Mister Softee", but don't think they will just let you get away without paying them royalties.

One of the two locations of Mister Softee on the Wildwood Boardwalk is now shuttered, and the other in the process of re-branding after a court room battle, according to the Press of Atlantic City.

Mister Softee Inc. of Camden County, filed suit against Carl Gallucci, who operates two Mister Softee stands at 3118 and 3806 Boardwalk,saying his licenses were terminated in July for failure to pay royalty fees.

Last week, Gallucci, of West Wildwood, was ordered by U.S. District Judge Renee Bumb to stop using Mister Softee images, ice cream or trademarked materials.

Galluci has closed his 3118 Boardwalk location and says he is re-branding the second shop, which as of Tuesday, still featured a Mister Softee sign, now turned up-side down.

The Press of Atlantic City says a lawyer for the ice cream company plans to file a new motion to have the sign removed entirely.

Attorney Jeffery Zucker told the Press of Atlantic City the two sides had reached a temporary agreement that would have allowed Gallucci to keep using the Mister Softee brand if he paid $5,100 to the company by August 11, along with other conditions.

Court records show that Gallucci's $5100 check to Mister Softee bounced.

Here's YouTube video of the Wildwood Boardwalk Mister Softee in happier times...


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