As the parent of identical twins, I have watched some very interesting moments of similar behavior from my girls, Eileen and Bridget, over the years. But this test of their matching reactions to commands is pretty astonishing even to me.

What Are "Identical Twins"?

Most twins are fraternal, meaning they had two separate eggs that were fertilized by two separate sperm.

Identical twins develop from a single egg/sperm combination that splits a few days after conception.

Their DNA originates from a single source, thus their genetic makeup is the same and the characteristics that are determined by genetics are similar.

The chances of having identical twins are relatively rare — around 3 or 4 in every 1,000 births, according to the experts.

A couple of quick factoids I have learned along the way about identical twins:

-They don't always look alike, but mine do.

- Having identical twins does not run in families like having fraternal twins. It is just a random incident in nature.

- Despite their shared genetics, identical twins are unique individuals.

- Though they share similarities, they also have many differences. They don't always get along or even like each other sometimes, just like all siblings.

But, at least with my girls, they do seem to have...a certain telepathic connection.

Eileen & Bridget Take the Command Challenge

As they were growing up, we noticed times when the girls seemed to do the same things, in the same ways, at the same times. It can be rather bizarre.

Their friends have noticed this phenomenon as well.

Eileen and Bridget's friend, Brooke, whom they have known all their lives, has been watching this odd coincidence since they were still in diapers.

Brooke decided to put this inclination for similarities to the test one day at school, for a TikTok video, of course.

Watch this video of a test of commands Brooke performed with the girls and tell me what you think in the comments afterward.


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