Let's just say South Jersey is an environment with a very specific ambiance and attitude. So if it were a Playa Bowl made specifically for us, what do you think would be in it?

Well, your question is now answered:

Raw Coconut - Looks the most like sand and adds a nice refreshing flavor that can best be represented by a delicious Pina Colada (preferably beach side)

Pineapple - It is sweet but definitely has a bit of a kick. Ever cross a Jersey girl? She will turn from sweet to sour in an instant.

Granola - You know those big rocks on the beach that hurt your feet every single time? Yea, now there is an edible version.

Nutella - First of all, chocolate is life. But this addition is mostly because a lot of people are full of crap!

Strawberry - Because life is always colorful down at the Jersey Shore.

What would your playa bowl look like? Comment Below!

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