This guy gave a us a whole new meaning to the Eagles fight song.

If there's anything that I can say about Wildwood, it's that it is unpredictable. Some of my absolute favorite memories are from my Wildwood days, and I think I just got even more excited about life because of what was just spotted there this weekend.

As you may or may not know, the Philadelphia Eagles are having an AMAZING season so far. 8-0, baby! Needless to say, fans are pretty stoked about the team and our chances at, hopefully, making it into the playoffs this year.

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I'm not going to jinx anything, but I'm wondering if maybe we just got a pretty incredible sign that the birds are in it for the long haul this year. Someone recently shared a picture to a Wildwood-based Facebook Group that shows a bald eagle perched on a piece of driftwood that washed up along the Wildwood beach.

The image was shared to the Facebook Group called "Watch The Tramcar Please" that features this thing just enjoying a beach day right in front of the Adventurer Oceanfront Inn on the border of Wildwood and Wildwood Crest. The photo is credited to a Michael Marks, so Michael, thank you for capturing that.

I'm not the only one thinking that this may be a sign of good juju in store for the birds. Judging by the comments, some people agree with me! There's plenty of the season left, but this bald eagle looking so majestic while chilling on the beach in Eagles country just seems to only signal something positive for the birds.

Next game is tonight at 8:15 in Philly. GO BIRDS!

Source: Facebook

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