Happy Thanksgiving!

Family and friends are all bound to get together to celebrate by eating loads and loads of food! But what about your furry friends?

No one said they could not join in on the celebration but there are definitely some cautionary food tips that you should know before getting the party started.

Foods Okay For Pets
1. Turkey -- as long as it is boneless and is skinless
2. Vegetables -- without seasoning
3. Mashed Potatoes -- without any of the added condiments such as sour cream
4. Cranberry Sauce - only a small helping and watch how much sugar is in your recipe before giving it to them
5. Mac And Cheese

Not Okay For Pets To Eat
1, Pumpkin Pie
2. Chocolate
3. Anything with onions, garlic, scallions
4. Grapes Or Raisins

If you ever have any doubt, do your research and do not assume! Check out the original list here.

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