Scammers are everywhere these days, even trying to ruin your enjoyment of the 2023 Atlantic City Airshow.

We received notice this morning about Airhow day scams you should avoid.

Airshow Livestream

Organizers of the Atlantic City Airshow want you to know there is no livestream of today's Airshow. There are several scam links today on social media saying to click here for your connection to the Airshow livestream. This is a scam.

You can listen to the broadcast of the Atlantic City Airshow on our sister radio station, WPG Talk Radio 95.5 FM or AM 1450.

Buying Tickets or Reselling Tickets

Don't click on any link advertising tickets for the Atlantic City Airshow or the option of buying or selling tickets for the Airshow. This is a free show. You don't need tickets to watch the airshow. This is a scam.

Prepaid Parking Links

You are also being warned not to click on any link offering prepaid parking. You can see a list of parking options below.

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