Dear Motorcycle Rider,

I was watching for you.

I also watch for you. At every stoplight. At every stop sign. I look left, then right, then left - and, sometimes a quick check both ways again.

I check the road in front of me. I check my mirrors for what's behind me.

I'm always looking for you. I'm also listening for you. If I hear the unmistakable sound of your engine, I take notice and find out where you are.

That was the case the other day, on Ocean Heights Avenue in Egg Harbor Township.

I was approaching the intersection of English Creek Avenue, slowing for the stoplight when I heard your engine roar.

I looked up in the rearview and saw you were approaching behind me. As I was slowing for the traffic light, I assumed you would do the same.

But you didn't.

As I was stopping you passed me on the left. I assumed you were heading to the left turn lane.

But you weren't.

You passed me and five or six other cars, and the moment the light changed, you went through the light and swung back in the line of cars. You passed all of us, hardly stopping, timing the light to make it through without stopping.

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I'd say you passed us all illegally, but I don't need to tell you that. You know. That was your plan.

Do you realize that if just one car in line did something you didn't expect, you and your bike would probably have been on the ground?

Why do that? What gamble with not only your life, but others as well?

Are you in that big of a hurry? Slow down. Enjoy the ride. Have you ever heard that often the journey is more meaningful than the destination?

Look, I'm looking out for you. I'm fine with that. I accept that responsibility.

But shouldn't you be a little more responsible for yourself?

I've seen a motorcycle crash -  have you? Even at a slower speed, it doesn't end well.

I wish you well on your journey.

Rest assured, I'll keep looking out for you. I'll accept that responsibility.

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