Going to the mall used to be a fun and exciting trip.

At least it was when I was growing up.

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You'd spend a Saturday afternoon walking around with friends eating from the food court, and avoiding mall security when you'd do something stupid.

Even if it was just a place to hang out and not really do anything, the mall used to be the place to be.

Nowadays, malls aren't quite what they used to be.

Photo by WeLoveBarcelona.de on Unsplash
Photo by WeLoveBarcelona.de on Unsplash

More often than not they're kind of like ghost towns, although an abandoned mall is just as cool to walk around as an active one if you ask me.

Jersey, however, seems to be a little bit of an anomaly.

We've got the Freehold Raceway Mall which is a usually busy mall that also hosts tons of great community events.

Photo Credit: Google Maps
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Even Monmouth Mall is a pretty popular shopping destination.

But one mall in New Jersey is actually being called one of the best malls in the entire country!

What NJ Mall Ranks Among The Best In The USA?

I'll be the first to admit, even though the mall is relatively new it's very impressive, and is more than just a mall but a destination.

It's got a waterpark, a theme park, plus hundreds of boutiques.

If that's not enough, this mall even has its own ski slope where you could go skiing even in the dead of summer.

Photo by Max Kramer on Unsplash
Photo by Max Kramer on Unsplash

According to the experts at Love Exploring, American Dream Mall is one of the best malls in the entire country.

We had a family friend who actually went on vacation at this mall, specifically for the  Nickelodeon theme park and the Universal Water Park, but we were still surprised when they said they were vacationing at a mall.

The 3 million square foot American Dream is located at 1 American Dream Way in East Rutherford New Jersey.

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