Wildwood and Cape May County officials took a no-nonsense stance to a pop-up beach party that was being promoted for the Wildwood Beach on Mother's Day weekend. It appears the party has now been canceled.

A Facebook post promoting a BYOB "Linkup' on the Wildwood Beach on Friday and Saturday, May 12-13 said it would feature "dance battles, a twerking battle, beer pong, and a boxing match.

Potential party-goers were encouraged to BYOB and BYOW and to come between 12 pm and "whenever".

Wildwood and Cape May County officials are still feeling the sting from last September's unsanctioned and unpermitted car rally that took place in Wildwood and the surrounding towns and resulted in two fatalities, multiple injuries, and extensive property damage.

In a press release on Friday, Prosecutor Jeffrey H. Sutherland left no room for misunderstanding how he felt about any other unsanctioned events in the Wildwoods.

Unsanctioned group events pose a great risk to the general public and the participants by not allowing local law enforcement, municipalities and other first responders to provide the necessary services and security to ensure that laws are not broken, and people are not injured, and if they are injured that services are available. Prosecutor Sutherland wants the organizers and attendees to know;

“As County Prosecutor, I am putting the organizers and attendees of any such unsanctioned and promoted event on notice that the Cape May County Prosecutor’s office and all our local law enforcement agencies will prosecute any such offenders to the fullest extent possible under the law.”

People responding to the post on Facebook seem to be mostly against this party and said Wildwood must make it clear that unsanctioned gatherings like this are not acceptable.

Absolutely ridiculous! Not an event Wildwood needs. It will be total disregard for our beaches and town with no responsibility for cleaning up after themselves. It’s also yet another UNSANCTIONED event that Wildwood did not approve.


Sounds like trouble...


Look how the last one ended. I hope this does not happen again.
More people going to get hurt
Apparently, the party's organizers got the message sent out by Wildwood and Cape May County officials, posting a follow-up message saying the party was canceled "due to the town of Wuiildwood warning us to cancel the party of (or0 we would be going to court....Please don't let all 13,000 of us go there on the same day unless you've gotten an Aurbnb over there already".
Facebook screenshot
Facebook screenshot


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