All good things must come to an end, and, Cris Pannullo's amazing Jeopardy! win streak ended after 21 wins Tuesday evening.

The Ocean City resident lost to Andy Tirrell, a political science and international relations professor from San Diego

Pannullo, 38, got tripped up by this Final Jeopardy clue in the Plays category.

A 1609 story in which an exiled king of Bulgaria creates a sea palace with his magic may have inspired the plot of this play.

Pannullo, who had a slight lead going into the final round answered incorrectly with “What is The Little Mermaid?,” leaving him with just $1,399.

Tirrell got the correct question with “What is The Tempest?,” winning the game and unseating Pannullo with a final score of $15,399.

Cris Pannullo ends his Jeopardy! run with the fifth-most consecutive wins in the show’s history, dating back to 2003 when a five-game cap was lifted. Overall, he’ll take home $749,268 before taxes.

Pannullo started competing on Jeopardy! on September 30, then he had to wait out the two-month Tournament of Champions break. Now, he will be returning to the show to compete in the tournament round.

Cris Pannullo is a customer success operations manager and former poker player who grew up in Brick Twp, Ocean County, and relocated to Ocean City with his longtime girlfriend.

In an interview after winning his 20th game Friday, Cris talked about the increasing pressure of his win streak.

“Every single game you have two people just coming for you nonstop and the pressure doesn’t ever seem to stop.”

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