What a cruel twist of fate it was that right in Cris Pannullo's fantastic Jeopardy! 11-game win streak, Jeopardy! went on a month-long hiatus for the game show's annual Tournament of Champions.

The night Cris won his 11th game and officially became a Jeopardy super-champion was Friday, Oct 14.

If that seems like a long time waiting for you, imagine how the wait has been for Pannullo, the customer success operations manager and former poker player from Ocean City who has been itching for the chance to extend his win streak.

The Tournament of Champions is the best-of-three final round with Amy Schneider, Andrew He, and Sam Buttrey. After Wednesday night, Andrew He leads the Tournament of Champions with two wins. If He wins his third game Thursday, Cris Pannullo would return on Friday, Nov. 18th.

The finals could end as early as Thursday, Nov. 17, or as late as Tuesday, Nov. 22.

That means Cris Pannullo could be back playing Jeopardy! by this Friday, Nov 18th, or, no later than Wednesday, Nov 23rd.

Following his 11th winning game, Cris spoke about his feelings after his successful run on the show.

“It feels incredible. It feels like a dream,” Cris said. “I’m still processing everything that has happened and is happening right now. It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience"

Of Cris’ 11 wins, nine of his victories have been runaway games, according to the show's producers. He had an impressive 94 percent correct response rating and an 89 percent Daily Double rating on his way to winning earning a total of $356,702. So far.

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