Here is a cautionary story for dog owners in New Jersey's age of legalized marijuana.

An Ocean City family's dog got very sick after eating marijuana she found while out on her walk.

The family's puppy became ill Sunday with concerning side effects. According to Dawn Ashenfelter Argento, her puppy Elsa became "very lethargic, was sleeping for hours, couldn’t stand, and would just collapse when she tried to stand."

The family took the dog to the veterinarian who diagnosed her with THC toxicity, due to ingesting marijuana.

The puppy somehow ate some pot she came across during her walk, but no one knows for sure what it was. She is a 12-month-old dog and is quick to pick everything up off the ground, according to her owner.

Dawn says the vet decided to keep Elsa for observation They did a blood test, and a urine test, and had her stay overnight with an IV to keep her hydrated. And her report is written up as “THC Marijuana Toxicity”.

Dawn says there seemed to be little doubt that Elsa "was completely stoned! Her heart rate was very low and she was out of it!"

The veterinarian said this problem is becoming more and more common since the legalization of marijuana in New Jersey. The smallest amount in a dog's bloodstream can be fatal.

Dawn's suggestion for dog owners after her experience with Elsa is to be extremely careful.

YES I was shocked! So 24 hours later and $2,500 she is home resting! Please watch what your fur babies are picking up!


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