The MSN webpage, which features lifestyle content and fluff list articles, has chosen a popular South Jersey shore town as New Jersey's winner in their "The Most Boring Town in Every State" countdown.

Their choice is...Ocean City. No, not the driest town in New Jersey, the most boring town.

According to MSN, America's Favorite Family Resort, Ocean City, is Jersey's most boring town.  Yes, they say Ocean City's right up there in the boring stratosphere with towns like Wistek, North Dakota, Bandara, Texas and Mankota, Kansas. As boring as Bandara?  That hurts.

Have these guys ever tried navigating the streets of Ocean City or getting a slice of Manco and Manco pizza on the Ocean City Boardwalk during a summer weekend? If it's so boring, why is it so popular?

Could it be that MSN 's definition of boring is different than ours? Here's how they explain it.

"It's essential to note, however, that these towns aren't all boring in the same way; some scored higher because there's very little to do there while other scored higher because there's so few people to do anything with."


They must have ranked Ocean City during the second week of January.


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