Dave & Buster's is a great place to partake in family fun.

As you walk in, you're treated to a colorful array of lights, the sounds of arcade games, and plenty of laughter.

Now Dave & Buster's is taking arcade gaming to the next level.

Dave & Buster's has announced this week, that they will soon be offering online wagering on their arcade games.

That means if you're a member of their loyalty program and are 18 or older, you'll soon be able to make wagers on Skee-Ball and other games.

Not Another Online Betting App

When you use other gaming apps, there are much higher limits and you're gambling against the company.

The way it will work with the Dave & Buster's app is completely different.

Players will not be playing against the company.  Instead, they'll be competing with friends, while playing certain arcade games.

The limits on the app will probably be set at about five dollars for each game.

How It Works

When you go to Dave & Buster's, each member of your party will need to be a member of their loyalty program.

Then, if you and a group of friends are playing Skee-Ball, you'd be able to add some extra action to the game.  The app would be used to facilitate that.

Dave & Buster's hopes that by adding social gambling opportunities to customers, they'll spend a little more time playing games like Skee-Ball and Air Hockey.

The company didn't announce what the fee would be to use the app.

They say they expect people to be able to use the new app within a few months.

Dave and Buster's

Dave and Buster's 

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