A 17-year-old Ocean City High School junior will be heading to Grand Cayman to swim for Team USA in the Open Water Swimming Championships!  

A BIG congratulations to outstanding swimmer, Maggie Wallace, who will be among some of the most elite swimmers in the world as she competes in the 2017 UANA Championships next Monday, according to Shore News Today.

Wallace will swim in the 10K open-water swim off Grand Cayman. The field will also include swimmers from Canada, Cayman Islands and Peru. The waters of Grand Cayman are perfect for swimming long distances.

My youngest son Josh, swam all 4 years in high school, so I know first-hand the hard work, the endless practices and commitment each of these young swimmers have to go through in order to be the very best. Especially when they have to swim a 10K, which is almost 6.5 miles!

Bets of luck to Ocean City's Maggie Wallace!

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