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Northfield native Brandon Canesi was born without hands, but that has never stopped him from doing whatever he wants to do, including playing golf and making some incredible shots.

In late February, Brandon sunk a 150-yard hole-in-one on the 17th hole at the Wizard Golf Course in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina,  later posting the video on his Facebook page with the caption, “Goes to show you can do anything you set your mind on!”

Brandon, 25, who went to Mainland Regional High and ACCC, grew up playing a full range of sports, but golf was always a favorite, according to a post on his adaptive golfing-related website called Hole

Hole High is a new nonprofit organization that was created by Brandon Canesi. Brandon was born without hands, but that hasn’t stopped him from adapting his stance and grip to excel in such sports as baseball, basketball, hockey, and most notably, golf. Golf is a family sport in the Canesi household, and Brandon wasn’t about to give up that tradition because of his lack of typical hands. Using a set of golf clubs, specially modified with a longer shaft by his uncle Tom, he is able to complete a round of golf with ease, even achieving a hole in one and beating his brother and father on the course.

Now, as Brandon attends The Golf Academy of America, he aims to further not only his education, but his ability to reach new heights in the game of golf and extend the reach of Hole High. Finding proper adaptive gear to compliment their bodies, and even garnering the strength to go out and play, can be hard for some, who believe golf to be too difficult for them to try. But the mental and physical benefits of this rewarding sport far outweighs any initial discomfort that may come from the early part of their golf journey. Hole High aims to inspire golfers of all levels to overcome their physical limitations and to educate the public about alternative golfing styles. Most importantly, we aim to promote a love of the game. Through proper gear, educational course outings, and a general public understanding of adaptive golf, Hole High can help everyone go the distance.

Keep in up, Brandon, we're pretty sure you can do whatever you set your mind to do!  Here is video of Brandon's amazing hole-in-one shot . (Note: harsh language)

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