A man wanted for burglary and theft underestimated North Wildwood Police when he ran into the ocean to try to escape last weekend.

The North Wildwood cops followed him right into the water and arrested him.

Ryan Verdi, 38, of Mullica Hill was arrested by North Wildwood Police twice last week.

The first time was just before midnight on July 5 after police witnessed him using a flashlight and rifling through the console of a vehicle. Verdi was then seen getting out of the vehicle and trying the door handle of another car parked close by.

Verdi was arrested and charged with burglary and given a court summons.

It appears he hadn't learned his lesson.

In a Facebook post, North Wildwood Police say they encountered Verdi again at about 2:15 pm July 7 when they got a call about someone seen entering a garage.

North Wildwood Police responded and saw Verdi riding a bicycle he had stolen from the garage. Police determined he had entered the garage with a door stuck in the up position during the Wildwoods power outage.

When police approached Verdi about the stolen bike, he ran onto the beach and jumped into the ocean. Police Sgt. Brian Harkins and Officer Domonic DeMusz followed him into the water and, with the help of the North Wildwood Beach Patrol, arrested him again for burglary, theft, and other offenses.

On a side note, a video taken of the officers chasing Verdi into the ocean and arresting him was released on social media saying he was responsible for starting the sub-station fire that caused the Wildwoods blackout. North Wildwood Police said that was untrue.

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