By now, we've all seen hundreds of online ads that announce class action lawsuit settlements.

Many of us don't click on those ads for fear that they are scams or malicious malware that will infect our computers.

For those who have clicked on the ads and filled out a form, all the excitement of your found money ends, when you receive a check for fifteen cents.

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Verizon Class Action Lawsuit Ads are Legitimate

A class action lawsuit was filed against Verizon Wireless because of an administrative fee they had charged customers between January 1, 2016, and November 8, 2023.

Verizon has agreed to pay one hundred million dollars into a fund.  If approved by a judge, that money will be paid to customers who file an online claim.

The form is painless.  You enter your Verizon Wireless account number and your last name.

Verizon Settlement Deadline is Approaching

If you believe you qualify, you must file your claim BEFORE APRIL 15.  

Customers who qualify may receive up to $100.

The lawsuit was originally filed in New Jersey because Verizon began charging customers an administrative fee that was over and beyond what they advertised as their plan costs.

The fees began as a minimal charge but were gradually raised to several dollars a month.

Verizon Administrative Fees to Continue

Verizon has admitted no wrongdoing, and while they say the fees will continue, they have agreed to be more transparent about the fee in the future.

You won't get rich with this settlement, but it costs you nothing to apply.  So why not?

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