We see it every day when we go shopping.  We look around and among all the options on the shelves are the store brands.  They typically cost less than the name brands we're used to.

According to a report in Consumer Reports, store brands are usually 20-25% less expensive than brand name items.  Savings like that add up.

So, the question is, are store branded items any good?

You might be surprised to learn that many of the store-branded items, are actually made by the companies that sell us the more expensive stuff.

According to a Consumer Reports study that was posted by the website, moneycrashers.com, 74% of the people surveyed, said they were happy with the store-branded products they purchased.

Some of the best deals are found in the pharmacy.  Many people have the misconception that store brands, or generic medications are inferior to the brand name items.  That's an expensive mistake.

Generic drugs are held to the same standards as their more expensive equivalents.  Strength, and quality are the same.  The brands are usually more expensive, because they are made by the company that introduced the product.

They spent the money to research and develop their product, and the government gives them exclusivity for a number of years.  After that period of time expires, others can copy the formula to create their own version.  The savings can be enormous.

That's not the only way to save.  When you buy everyday food items like spices, sugar, salt, vinegar, cooking oil...why are you paying the higher price for brands, when store brands are identical?  Think about it this way, salt is salt.  Why are you paying more for a name?

There are thousands of examples of ways to save by buying store brand items, while not sacrificing quality.  The best way to find out, is to experiment.  Most store-branded items offer satisfaction or your money back.  You really have nothing to lose.

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