There's an old adage, "Only a baby in a wet diaper likes change..."

Change is a way of life.  Since Superstorm Sandy, Long Beach Island has become unrecognizable to some long-time residents.  Is that a good thing, or bad?

I visited a Facebook page called LBI...Six Miles of Separation and posed the question:  "How has LBI changed over the last 10 years? Is it better or worse?"

Pat Oliveri:  "Things have changed after Sandy. More people moved here and built large houses, some just rent their houses out all summer…that’s not the worst part for me, it’s the attitude of so many people these days. I haven’t figured out if it’s the new people..."

 Jonna Wellwood:  "I'm just hoping and praying that some of those small cottages and the families that own them hold out forever and pass them down to their kids, and grandkids. I adore those when out bike riding. They are few and far between and way more cozy and beautiful than a mega-mansion."

Laura Maschal:  "I miss the cape cods and homes having yards…sigh.

When the building code changed from limiting the overall height to building 6ft above your neighbor, the construction took over and houses got bigger and bigger and bigger. When they allowed the commercial property to become residential property it accelerated."

Charles Wesley Armstrong IV:  "Better. We rebuilt after Sandy. Homes are safer, more efficient, up to code, and generally speaking more tidy. The real estate market is what it is.. Rental properties on both ends of the island are still going to command 10k weekly. With the new curfew in place for minors, and the Fall festivals in place, our beautiful island is no longer a 12-week visit, but a year-round destination."

Foo Man:  "It's the NEW Hampton$"

Chris Phillips:  "The island is more welcoming to LGBTQ people than it was ten years ago. A few businesses now decorate for Pride month and have LGBTQ-themed events. My family is so grateful for this change."

Kelly Vass:  "’s so sad to see the lovely old shore homes torn down in favor of characterless McMansions."

Josh GS:  "...just the plot is a million now. And will be bid on by swarms of rich people from NY and elsewhere. This gem used to be a middle-class haven at the shore. It's ruined..."

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