This seems pretty upsetting at first, but I think in the long run New York banning the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits is actually a good thing. Maybe New Jersey will adopt the idea next.

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I'm sure you've been there before, I know I have. You're in a pet store for one reason or another and see the cutest puppy you've ever seen in your life.

You immediately get puppy fever and start looking into how you can take that little dog home with you.

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash
Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

What you didn't know is that that puppy came from a puppy mill, wasn't properly cared for before coming to the pet store, and is now going to rack up thousands in vet bills.

It's a tough situation; you want to give the dog a loving home, but you also don't want to support a system that is harmful to these animals.

New York is taking steps to prevent this from happening, do you think New Jersey could be next?

New York Passed A Bill Banning The Sale Of Dogs, Cats, And Rabbits

Starting in 2024, pet retailers will no longer be able to sell dogs, cats, or rabbits in stores.

The ban, according to CBS targets large-scale breeding facilities that, generally speaking, don't provide proper medical attention or care for their animals.

Photo by Bharathi Kannan on Unsplash
Photo by Bharathi Kannan on Unsplash

This isn't the first state to ban this type of thing, by the way, Illinois, Maryland, and California all have similar bills.

Animal Shelters Will Be Able To Set Up Adoption Sites Inside Pet Stores

Some pet store owners aren't too happy about the bill because they believe their sales will be affected by the ban, but that's addressed as well.

The bill allows pet stores to charge animal shelters a fee to come in and set up adoption centers inside their stores.

This ensures animals that are in need of a loving home can get one, pet stores can continue to make revenue, and your family can get a healthy new pet.

It also helps the shelter get out into the public eye so whether they're looking to find animals new homes or get new volunteers they'll be more visible.

Photo by Thomas Park on Unsplash
Photo by Thomas Park on Unsplash

What About Private Breeders?

According to CBS

New York's ban will not affect breeders who breed, raise and sell animals born on their own property.

Does New Jersey Have A Ban On Animal Mills?

I couldn't find anything concrete, but it looks like there is some legislation in the works, which is good to see.

In 2019, Governor Murphy signed a bill enhancing animal protections, and it appears as though the Lesniak Institute of America is also pushing anti-puppy mill legislation.

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