They say that as we get older, there is a reversal of roles between children and their parents.

As time goes on, our parents begin to depend on us for more and more.  As children, we owe it to our parents to return the loving care and protection they had given us as we grew up.

As you get more involved in their daily lives, you also start to realize their age makes them a perfect target for those who want to harm them.

If you can't be there for them physically, you might have to hire home care or move them to assisted living.  You have faith that there are laws to protect them, and you trust the system.

Report Ranks New Jersey #47 in Protections for Elderly

It's unsettling to see a new report put out by Wallethub.  The report ranks states by the protections they provide the elderly in New Jersey.

The report ranks New Jersey #47 overall, #34 in protection of the elderly, and #43 in the prevalence of abuses.

How To Spot Elderly Abuse

Experts say there are ways to spot potential elder abuse.

One way in which the elderly are preyed on involves their finances.  There are many traps for our parents to fall into, especially with the ever-changing technology.

You should regularly check their banking statements and credit card bills.  This is especially true if they have access to the internet.

Get to know their attorney.  Who has their will?  Have there been changes?

Be wary of new friends.  We had a situation like this in our family, and it was difficult.  In our case, our relative was an ALZ patient, and she viewed him as a boyfriend.  It's hard to know someone's motives, especially from afar.

Watch for changes in personality and general hygiene.  This is true with most abusive situations.  Communication is key.

States with the Best Elder-Abuse Protections in 2024 (

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