This is kind of shocking but a rather "controversial" topic taking over headlines these days is an unexpected one: cursive writing.

A bill has recently been introduced that would make it a requirement for all elementary school kids in New Jersey to learn cursive writing.

Now, a big argument against this new bill is that there are much more important things that we can be teaching our younger students.

Yes, we need to implement some more useful lessons into our schools but I have a few arguments of why cursive should still be a thing:

A: I have noticed a lot of my younger family members can read in print but can't seem to do so in cursive because the letters look so different. And being that a lot of people know and write in cursive, I think this lesson is still very much needed.

B: Yes, we need to implement more important lessons into the curriculum. For instance, taxes, how to balance a checkbook, etc. But are these lessons really going to be taught in elementary school?

So, do you agree? Do we still need to teach cursive writing in our schools?

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