Doesn't it seem like the cost of everything is going up these days?

Everything seems more expensive, from gas to groceries and fast food homes and rent.

Now comes word that some people may see an increase in their cell bill.

According to a report on employees of discount carrier, T-Mobile were advised that prices on some older plans will be rising.

The good news is that those who have newer plans or plans that feature T-Mobile's Price Lock Guarantee.

Additionally, while the company says they will honor the price lock guarantee for customers who already have it, they no longer offer it to new customer

When T-Mobile merged with Sprint a few years ago, they agreed to a government demand that they not raise prices for a period of three years.

Once that period ended last year, the company rolled out several new plans that offered new features to customers, but at higher rates.

It seems that when big companies apply to the government to merge, one of the most common selling points is that the merger won't result in higher costs, and services will improve.

Yet according to a study cited in the CNET report, since the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint, the United States cell market is the most expensive in the world.

Other companies like ATT and Verizon have both previously raised their prices.

The company is in the process of sending the customers affected by the increase, which should go into effect in either June or July.

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