Anything stuffed inside a pocket of dough and fried gets our attention. But one stuffed with pork roll is next level.

Yeah, a café in North Jersey that's added handmade pork roll empanadas to its menu refers to it as 'Taylor Ham', but we'll forgive them that because these things looks SO good.

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Cubita Café in Nutley packed not only pork roll into its empanada creations, but egg and cheese, too. Even better? The dough is then covered in Everything Bagel seasoning.

Can you see now why I'm salivating just THINKING about this? It sounds like breakfast PERFECTION!

Cubita's official Instagram describes the café as a 'modern take on Cuban staples', such as the empanada, in an urban, upbeat casual environment with 'hip hop culture'.

Further peaking my curiosity is their self-professed fascination for creating specialty espresso drinks.

Anything involving pork roll gets my taste buds jumping. I am a South Jersey girl, after all.

And, while I'd certainly jump in the car and take a road trip to Nutley to try what Cubita's has to offer, I'm instead challenging a restaurant here in South Jersey to create their OWN pork roll empanadas. They'd be a huge hit, in my opinion.

Cubita's Café is located on Franklin Avenue in Nutley, NJ (in Essex County).

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