A new regulation set to begin in November is going to impact New Jersey recreational boaters during the fall and winter months.

Starting in November, it will be required that anyone onboard any vessel less than 26 feet long, including rowboats, canoes, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards must wear a lifejacket at all times.

The goal of the legislation is to prevent hypothermia deaths and to reduce the risk to first responders during winter search and rescue water operations in New Jersey.

The new regulation requires that every person outside of the cabin on any water vessel less than 26 feet must wear a securely fastened Coast Guard approved personal flotation devise. People inside the cabin will be exempt from the requirement.

Authorities say that in almost every case of a vessel related drowning, the victim was not wearing a life vest.

Some early responses about this regulation have brought negative reactions from boaters who think the government is overreaching with this requirement.

Big brother has its nose in every aspect of your life. Next week they'll tack on a fine for not wearing chap stick.


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SOOO stupid!


Never ending regulations. Laws protecting people from themselves are sure signs of disappearing freedom


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