You've heard it once, you've heard it a million times: Jersey can't drive.

I can't speak on your behalf, but it seems like everywhere I go, people love to make jokes about the way people drive in this state. Don't get me wrong, we all probably suffer from a little bit of road rage. That's only because there's so many people packed into such a small state that it's aggravating when people are unfamiliar with the traffic patterns.

My go-to line for when I'm annoyed: "It's the big pedal!!!!!"

Are there a few expletives thrown in there? Not often, but yes, depending on the situation. As it turns out, I have every right to get frustrated with out-of-state drivers roaming the streets of NJ. According to a survey published by Insurify, New Jersey drivers should be proud of themselves. The state actually falls within the top 10 list of states with the best drivers. In fact, we're in the top 5.

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New Jersey comes in at number five on the list of states with the best drivers. This record of NJ residents showing that we're actually decent drivers isn't new, either. In fact, on last year's list, we came in at the number 9 spot. Take that, Jersey haters!

To come to this conclusion, Insurify says they cultivated the list by taking data provided by over 2 million insurance policy applications. If you're familiar with the process, then you know the information you divulge includes things like DUI history, traffic stops, accidents, etc. After calculating the numbers, it was determined that over 83% of drivers in the state have a relatively clean driving record. We also have almost 6.5 million licensed drivers in the state of New Jersey. Being honest, though, it's not surprising to hear that the most common driving infraction is an at-fault accident.

Overall, though, the survey shows that we're not too shabby behind the wheel compared to everyone else. FYI - NONE of NJ's border states even made it into the top 10. Looking at you DE, PA, Maryland, and Connecticut.


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