"I see pine trees".

Well, it's not exactly The Sixth Sense, but director M. Night Shyamalan's new horror thriller Knock at the Cabin was filmed mostly in the pinelands and South Jersey's unique and beautiful forests certainly add a special something to Shyamalon's latest movie.

From what I have seen in the movie's two trailers, the pine barrens should have gotten a starring credit.

Knock at the Cabin is an adaptation of the 2018 horror novel "The Cabin at the End of the World" by Paul Tremblay.

WWE wrestler and MCU star Dave Bautista is well-cast as a villain with a pitchfork axe as a weapon, terrorizing a young family on vacation in a remote cabin, all in the name of saving the world. Try to keep up.

As Shyamalan likes to do, the filming was done close to his suburban Philly home base, which, these days, is a 125-acre estate called Ravenwood, in Chester County, Pa.

The movie's principal photography took place in Burlington County, in the ever-so eerie pine barrens with Shyamalan shooting the film with 1990s lenses to give it an "old-school thriller" look, according to screenrant.com

Listeners from Burlington County tell me that the cabin was a movie prop, set up temporarily in an isolated area of Tabernacle. The diner the family goes to in the movie is the actual Evergreen Dairy Bar, Rt 70 in Vincentown, which has really been there since 1949.

Knock at the Cabin hits theaters on Friday, Feb 3. Watch the film's two trailers below.


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