What is New Jersey's most Googled Injury? We now know.

A personal injury law firm analyzed the number of average monthly Google searches in each state for different injuries, including terms such as symptoms and ‘signs of a particular injury

The search volume for each term combined with the injuries were added together to discover the total average monthly searches in each state.

Here are the top five most Googled injuries in New Jersey:

#5- Sprained Wrist

A sprained wrist can happen if it is bent or twisted, such as from falling on your hand or sports, which results in the ligaments stretching and tearing. Recovery can last up to three weeks for minor sprains or several months for more severe injuries.

#4. Shoulder Dislocation

A dislocated shoulder refers to the upper arm bone being displaced from the shoulder joint due to popping out of its socket; sports accidents, falls, and road accidents are all common causes of this injury. Generally, recovery can last between 12-16 weeks.

#3. Burns

While burn injuries can be typically caused by flames, hot liquids, hot objects, and electrical burns, their severity level can vary; burns are categorized by first-degree, second-degree, and third-degree, with the latter being potentially life-threatening.

#2. Sprained Ankle

Also known as a soft tissue injury, a sprained ankle occurs when the ligaments are overstretched and tear due to a direct blow. Falls that cause your ankle to twist, landing improperly on your foot after jumping, or another person landing on your foot are just some of the many incidents that can cause an ankle sprain, resulting in swelling, bruising, and even difficulty walking.

#1. Concussion

Concussions, which are a mild form of traumatic brain injury, can be caused by falls, playing a contact sport, vehicle accidents, or being hit with an object resulting in a blow to the head. The effects of this injury include confusion, headaches, dizziness, and nausea; in mild cases, these will last up to two weeks – but more severe injuries can see symptoms lasting for months.

Thankfully, today's concussion protocol has evolved greatly since I played school sports years ago and was encouraged to "shake it off,  you just got your bell rung".

The personal injury law firm which compiled this list was Injured in Florida.

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