Fellow New Jerseyans, I need your opinion on this because I thought this was totally common but now I’m questioning myself. So please hear me out and respond to the poll question below.

With August quickly moving along, the topic of school supply shopping came up at work this week so I brought up at work how nostalgic I am for it.

I loved picking out the different colors of the binders and notebooks, or carefully picking out what kind of pens I would use. If several colors of highlighters were on the supply list? *Chef's kiss*

School and office supplies. Stationery on white background.

I even had specific colors determined for each school subject:

📓 Yellow: History
📓 Red: Math
📓 Green: Science (to me, this seems like a given, but is that just a “me” thing?)
📓 Blue: English

This nostalgia fell completely flat with most of my coworkers, it turns out we are an office divided. Other than my one ally, the closest I got to a win was someone saying they at most got excited to pick out a new lunchbox.

Backpack with school supplies
david franklin

While I remember feeling very cool with my SpongeBob SquarePants lunch box, I got much more satisfaction from the choice of writing utensils or style of folder.

Honestly, I still get excited about certain kinds of pens showing up in the supply cabinet at work but maybe it’s just me.

So did you also feel this way? Or is this a totally lame thing to be nostalgic for? PLEASE let me know by taking this poll.

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