When I think of a hot dog I think, I think of summertime.

There are so many different kinds of hot dogs to choose from and each one of us has their favorite. Chili and cheese are very popular in New Jersey along with mustard and ketchup as a topping.

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Hot dogs are so popular with chili, mustard, and ketchup. Dirty water dogs (Is that what they are really called?) are so much better than grilled hot dogs unless they're made perfectly.

Jenifoto, Getty Images
Jenifoto, Getty Images

Hot dogs are so popular, especially in the summer. The Italian hot dog has peppers, onions, and potatoes on it. The best Italian hot dog is in pita bread. My husband says it's the best with a spicy mustard.

Recently, lovefood.com, did an article on the best places to get hot dogs in each state of the US.

The best hot dog in New Jersey, according to lovefood.com is at Rutts Hut.

Where is Rutts Hut? It's located in Clifton, NJ. They are known for their deep-fried hot dogs and have been on the Food Network and the Travel Channel. I've never had a deep-fried hot dog, I'd love to try it. Check out Rutts Hut on Facebook.

Some of the best places to have a hot dog are at the ballpark, boardwalk, or sitting with family and friends. And, hot dogs are so easy to make and quick.

Do you remember the Franken-footers, a hot dog with chili stuffed inside of it? My Dad loved this. I love a delicious hot dog with sauerkraut and yellow mustard.

When my Mom visits us she always asks my husband to make one of his award-winning hot dogs on his grill. She's so funny, onions and mustard, only. It has to be grilled to perfection for her.

Enjoy that perfect hot dog this summer.

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