If you live anywhere along the New Jersey coastline, you're likely to hear the question "What's your exit?" posed to you at some point in your life.

It's a thing. If you've grown up in Jersey your whole life, you already have answered it, most likely, more than once. It's basically your identifier. When people want to know which part of the Garden State you hail from, they'll either ask you which exit off of the New Jersey Turnpike you take or the Garden State Parkway.

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It's almost a matter of pride. New Jersey residents love Jersey. So, whenever there does come a time for us to highlight which part of the region we're from, we always jump at the chance to do so. Truth be told, that's not even something exclusive to full-time Jersey residents. People with summer homes along the Jersey Shore love to boast, too.

One local resident has taken that obsession to the next level. You may have heard about it on social media, even. He goes by the name of Keith Shepherd and crafts adorable tchotchkes in the form of whatever Garden State Parkway exit that represents home to you.

Based on the pictures, they could make for adorable additions to a beach house bathroom, bar, or whatever room you'd like to showcase your Jersey pride.

They're not JUST for locals. People have ordered them after moving out of state just to keep a little piece of home with them wherever they go. It's a super cute and original idea. You can check out some of Shepherd's work on Facebook HERE.

Source: Facebook

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