Many people ask me why I live in New Jersey.

The answer is always the same.

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You get a little bit of everything all within driving distance.

Beaches, mountains, pinelands, we've got it all.

Plus, we're a short trip to New York City and Philadelphia.

For those who love The Garden State, it's oftentimes hard to kick the stereotypes.

Here are some of my favorites:

  1. There's nothing to see in New Jersey but highways and factories.
  2. The entire state smells like pollution.
  3. The Jersey Shore is just like the show "Jersey Shore."
  4. All New Jerseyans are rude and aggressive.
  5. Everyone in New Jersey is Italian-American.
  6. The traffic in New Jersey is always terrible.
  7. New Jerseyans only eat pizza and bagels.
  8. The entire state is just one big highway.
  9. New Jersey is a dangerous state to live in.
  10. New Jersey is full of toxic waste dumps.

There's one aspect of the Garden State that many forget. History.

Many centuries' worth of history has shaped our state over time.

As you'll see, several towns are actually stuck in time.

But that's okay because the quirkiness of these places really does add to the charm.

A few of these towns you will likely have never heard of, but they are all hidden gems that I would recommend any visitor or resident of New Jersey visit to get the complete feel of our diverse and unique state.

30 Special and Unique New Jersey Towns Everyone Must Visit

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