Sometimes, people want to actually buy a card to give or mail someone to signify a special occasion.

Yes, kids, before Facebook, that's how we did it!

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One of the store brands that has stood the test of time, Hallmark, is reportedly making its way back to Somers Point. Somers Point has been without a Hallmark store since Donna's Hallmark Shop closed a while back. That store was located in the Somers Point Plaza, a few doors down from ACME.

Now comes word that Norman's Hallmark will be moving into the former Pier 1 store, in the Ocean Heights Plaza, near Shoprite. Norman's made the announcement on their Facebook page. The post says they are planning an opening for, tentatively, late spring.

Norman's Hallmark currently has a store inside the Hamilton Mall in Mays Landing. They also have dozens of stores throughout the Philadelphia area and beyond.

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Google Maps

Hallmark stores are known for their extensive collection of greeting cards, plus items like gift wraps and party supplies.

They also carry clothing, toys, games, puzzles, books, home decor, special occasion gifts, and more.

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