Necco lovers can now rejoice as the iconic candy gets ready for a big comeback for the summer of 2020.

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Here's some sweet news concerning Necco Original Candy Wafers from The famous canny wrapped in wax paper which made its debut back in 1847 has been officially off the shelves of stores since 2018.

The wafer will still be wrapped in wax paper and the original flavors and colors will be back.

  • Lemon- yellow
  • Lime- green
  • Orange-orange
  • Clove- light purple
  • Cinnamon-white
  • Wintergreen- pink
  • Chocolate/brown  (This will now come in a more richer cocoa flavor)
  • Licorice/dark gray (My least favorite flavor)

You'll be able to fin the original Necco Wafers on major drug store shelves by the beginning of the month. Major retailers would be next on the list of where you can find this sugary treat.

Necco Wafers brings back so many fond and nostalgic memories for me. Are you looking forward to this classic candy comeback?


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