We asked listeners who they thought makes the most amazing donuts in South Jersey and then we put together a photo gallery of the amazing donuts for you to see.

It is very yummy viewing!

Where are the South Jersey Donut Shops that  Made The List?

Our list of Amazing Donut Places in South Jersey includes donut places in Ocean City, Dennis Township, Bridgeton, Sea Isle City, and a couple of places in Ocean County.

Make sure you look at the photo gallery of their amazing donuts at the bottom of this post.

What Rules Were Listeners Asked to Follow When Making Their Choice?

There weren't any rules. We just asked for listeners to tell us who made their favorite donuts and they told us. We didn't rule out any huge national chains from being selected, but none were. We did get several votes for grocery stores that sell donuts, but not enough to make this list.

Why Are These Donut Places Spread Out Over Such a Large Area?

Truth be told, there aren't many great shops and bakeries that feature donuts in South Jersey. The ones that do are spread over several counties and are many miles apart in some cases. But these donuts are worth traveling for, so you might want to take a donut road trip.

Thanks to our winners for letting us use photos of their donuts from their Facebook pages so you can get a feeling of how delicious their donuts look.

The Most Amazing Donuts in South Jersey - Listener Picks

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