We have compiled a collection of photos that will have you salivating for some freshly baked goodies from one of South Jersey's Absolutely Delicious Bakeries!

How Did We Pick These Five Bakeries?

We asked our listeners to tell us about their favorite South Jersey bakery and what they make that you like the best. Then we made some difficult decisions to narrow down all the local bakeries you nominated for consideration -- more than twenty -- to a manageable list of five.

How Could You Have a List of Great South Jersey Bakeries Without My Favorite?

Notice that we aren't calling these the five best bakeries in South Jersey, although we think they are all pretty darn good.  Food, especially baked food, is a subjective thing. We would like nothing better than to focus on another five great South Jersey bakeries sometime soon. Tell us about a bakery we should consider in the comments section.

What Makes a Great Bakery, Anyway?

That is a complicated question. Obviously, having skilled bakers with years of training, using quality ingredients is essential. There seems to be more to it than that, though.

A great bakery shows consistency - their product is excellent every time you go there.

Most great bakeries have found their niche. They do a lot of things well, but, everyone knows one or two things they make that are the very best. We heard that many times putting together this list.

The Bakeries We Chose

These five absolutely delicious South Jersey bakeries are a diverse bunch from around Atlantic and Cape May counties.

Take a look at photos of these fine bakeries...

Listener Picks: Five Absolutely Delicious South Jersey Bakeries

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