Just imagine getting a perfect score on your SAT test.

That's what Middle Township High School's Xander Hardin earned on his math SAT Test this year. Hardin earned an 800 in his math SAT.

In a release about his accomplishment from Middle Township High, Xander admits even he has a hard time believing how well he did.

“I couldn’t really imagine getting a perfect score on a standardized test. I didn’t know that was possible. Coming out, I felt like I did the best that I could. I didn’t feel tripped up on questions.”

17-year-old Xander Hardin is part of a small percentage of students to achieve this accomplishment

According to the 2021 College Board Report, the national average math SAT score was 528. Studies show that only 1% of test-takers actually receive a perfect score on their SATs. Overall, Hardin scored a 1490, which is in the 97th percentile of all students who have already taken the SATs in 2021.
“We have a student here that’s just exemplary. It’s a proud moment for our school,” said MTHS principal George West.
The school district's former middle school principal and current director of curriculum and instruction, Dr. Toni Lehman, recalls making special accommodations so Hardin could begin taking high school level math courses while he was in just 8th grade.
“It’s amazing to see his hard work pay off like this,” said Dr. Lehman. “I remember uniquely working out his schedule back when I was principal at the middle school. I was impressed then, and I am even more now.”
Hardin has participated in extracurricular engineering programs such as MTHS’s robotics club and says that this year the school plans to participate in their first-ever robotics competition. Xander is pictured showcasing a robot he built while STEAM NJ Army National Guard conducted a robotics class.
As a senior, Hardin is currently enrolled in five advanced placement courses. During his junior year, he achieved four perfect scores out of the five AP exams he took in the Spring of 2021.
“In a situation that could be considered stressful – for example, these scores directly affect a student's acceptance into a college or university they may be looking to attend – for someone to come out with a perfect score, that goes to show we have quality teachers here with quality programs. Xander is a reflection of that,” said West.
Hardin is excited to finish his high school career on such a high note. He’s hoping these perfect scores will give him the recognition he’ll need to be accepted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he’d like to study mechanical engineering.
Xander seems like he should have a perfect chance at achieving his goal.
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