Recreational pot is now legal in New Jersey. Possession of six ounces or less of marijuana — and using it on private property — is now decriminalized in New Jersey for people ages 21 and up. That means you can’t be criminally charged for it.

However, different municipalities have until Aug 21 to to decide how to regulate marijuana us in their own towns.

Several local South Jersey towns have stepped forward with a tough stance on the selling and the use of legal weed, including Cape May and Ocean City.

But Middle Township has been more specific than any of the other towns I've seen about the restrictions a proposed ordinance would put on the smoking or vaping of marijuana.

According to a release from Middle Township, the ordinance that will be introduced at the April Committee meeting would ban smoking pot in public, "affirming the family-friendly atmosphere of pubic areas".

They have even included a list of five places where you will not be allowed to smoke pot in Middle Township. The five public areas are then broken down to examples in each in the categories.

1- Parks and nature areas, such as wildlife habitats

2- Outdoor dining area that are not enclosed

3- Highways, roads, sidewalks and waterways

4- Recreation spots, including beach areas, playgrounds, sports fields and courts, and bike paths

5- Public events such as farmers markets, concerts, parades and festivals

The Middle Township Police Department will be in charge of enforcing this ordinance.

Anyone who violates the law would face a $100 to $250 fine for a first offense, then $500 to $1000 for second or subsequent offense.

Source: Middle Township press release

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