That was a close one! I think I speak for everyone who has ever eaten at Merrill's Colonial Inn in Mays Landing when I say we are lucky that the medical scare that forced the closure of the restaurant this week was only a scare.

Owner Angel Merrill posted of Facebook Thursday to tell the story of an experience she said, "scared the hell out of me".

So, on Tuesday afternoon, I had an severe attack which mimicked a stroke or a heart attach. I stupidly did not go to the hospital after the incident slowly subsided. However, the next day Wednesday, my doctor ordered me to go to the emergency room. I did, and after many many tests…..they ruled out a stroke or a heart attack.

If you didn't know, Merrill's Colonial Inn is an old-school restaurant in Mays Landing that's has been serving up family-style Italian since 1959. If it feels like sitting down at Grandma’s house for a traditional meal, that’s because all the recipes here are the product of one woman – Dot Merrill, who opened Merrill’s and was a fixture in the kitchen for most of that time.

Dot died in 2017 at age 95, and Angel -- her daughter -- took over the running the restaurant.

Here's the rest of Angel's Facebook message.

They will be releasing me sometime this (Thursday) evening——I AM FINE NOW!!! I have to follow up with a neurologist and cardiologist…..I’m really happy that they found both a brain and a heart!!!
I apologize to any one who went to Merrill’s and could not get dinner, but now you know why! We will be back open on Friday, June 16th at 5 pm. I will try from now on to pay attention to things and take better care of myself, not just for me, but for all you guys as well! Look forward to seeing everyone. Thanks and love to all, Angel ❤️❤️
I told you it was just a close call.
Everything at Merrill's Colonial Inn should quickly get back back to the business of making wonderful food.
But there is something else to take away from Angel's experience and it's a lesson I learned the hard way earlier this year when I contract Bell's Palsy.
Just like Angel, I thought I was having a stroke, but stupidly, I did not go to the hospital until the next day, hoping it simply go away.
When your body tells you there is a problem, don't waste time! See a doctor immediately.
It's great to hear Angel is doing okay. I will be in soon for dinner.

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