Enough is enough.

Funny Farm's Laurie Zaleski is sick of people taking advantage of the Mays Landing animal rescue by dumping their unwanted pets on her property at night.

Zaleski posted video on the Funny Farm Facebook page Wednesday night after a woman walked down her driveway with a covered animal carrier and left the crate containing an unwanted animal or animals for her to take care of.

You can watch the video below.

This is a repeated problem for Funny Farm and other South Jersey animal rescues.

It's not unusual for Funny Farm to have animals illegally dumped by people who assume that Zaleski loves animals so much, she won't mind taking care of a few more.

The main issue with dumping is the expense and the inconvenience of having additional animals left on her property by people who can't be bothered with them.

Funny Farm already has hundreds of animals they lovingly care for and shelter. But there has to be a limit and a system for taking in additional animals.

Who will care for these animals, their feeding and medical issues? It quickly becomes an unsustainable problem for animal shelters.

Wednesday night, apparently two women were involved in the animal dumping at Funny Farm, although I only saw one person on the video.

Zaleski says she will have an enhanced copy of the video made and release it to the new media unless someone recognizes this woman sooner or the people responsible step forward and admits their mistake.

Here is the Funny Farm Animal Rescue Facebook post concerning the latest animal dumping. If you recognize the people involved, call or text Laurie Zaleski at 609-742-9410 or call Hamilton Township Police.

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