A group of South Jersey teenagers are lucky to be alive today after something malfunctioned in the vehicle they were driving which caused it to burst into flames on the evening of Tuesday, May 17th. A video was shared to social media in the early hours of Wednesday, May 18th that showed the car ablaze in Hamilton Township off of New York Avenue.

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According to multiple sources, the kids didn't escape the vehicle on their own. Apparently, there was a good Samaritan who assisted them all with their escape. The moms of the group of teenagers released a video of the incident on social media in the hopes of tracking down the woman who helped their children.

You can understand where the moms are coming from, surely. Wouldn't you want to thank the person who saved your kid from certain death? They're asking for people to spread the videos in an effort to help them figure out who exactly it was that put themselves at risk for the sake of their kids; a truly heroic act, indeed.

One mom, Aseealah Davis, shared it to a fewlocal South Jersey-based Facebook groups both the woman's name and hometown. The woman that stopped to help the kids is from Buena in Cumberland County. Her name is Jackie. Aside from that, the moms don't really have much else to go on.

That's where you come in. We want to get as many eyes on this as possible. Help the moms find Jackie! Jackie did a wonderful thing when she stopped to save those kids. These thankful mamas would like her to know just how grateful they are for her empathy.

Sources: Facebook, BreakingAC.com

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